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Book your event early and SAVE MONEY.

If you are placing your order less than fifteen (15) working days in advance, please note an additional charge of 25% will apply to your total invoice due to the increase in product and labour costs.

On Campus Food & Beverage Policy

Our Catering Brochure offers an extensive selection of specialty menus and feature items. However, some restrictions may apply due to the location and/or the size of your group. If you prefer menu choices which are not included in this brochure, please discuss your ideas with the Catering Specialist and we will create a special menu to suit your particular needs. Only food and beverages provided by the University of Guelph Catering Department may be consumed on the premises. No food will be packaged for take-home from any catered event.

Late Bookings

Banquets booked less than seven (7) days prior to the event are subject to product availability resulting in a reduced menu selection.


Additional costs are incurred when we cater to non-Hospitality Services locations. Events held on Statutory Holidays will also sustain additional costs. All events must cover all food, beverage and labour costs or group will be invoiced the difference.

Delivery Charges

A delivery charge will apply to all functions outside the University Centre. If a driver is required for up to a maximum of three (3) hours, the delivery charge will be $75.00. If a driver is required for more than three (3) hours, the delivery charge will be a minimum of $125.00. External delivery costs will vary depending on location.

Credit Application and Deposit Policy for External Clients Only

During your preliminary meeting with the Catering Specialist, you will be asked to complete a credit application form. Once your application has been approved, the following deposit policy applies:

  • A non-refundable deposit of $1000 is required upon booking.
  • You will be sent a final invoice for the remaining cost after the event has taken place.
  • For policies concerning Weddings, please consult the ‘Weddings’ Section of our website.


For a University group using the internal charge system, we will require your designated account coding at the time of negotiation. For external clients there is a ‘Credit Application and Deposit Policy’.

Service Charge

For external clients and conference groups only, there will be a 15% service charge added to all catered events.


All prices are before applicable taxes unless stated otherwise. All external groups will be charged HST.

Wine and Bar Service

We maintain a selection of quality wines and spirits. We will be pleased to make recommendations to complement your menu selections. If you require us to purchase alcoholic products we do not already carry, you will be charged for the full purchase cost with no refund.

Hospitality Services is governed by the Provincial Liquor Laws and the Rules and Regulations of the University of Guelph. Under the terms of the AGCO, Hospitality Services is prohibited from allowing any individual or group to provide their own alcoholic beverages at their catered event on campus. Liquor service will be permitted only during normal licensing hours. No more than two (2) drinks will be served to a guest at one time and no doubles will be served. We care about the safety and well-being of our customers. Bar Revenues must cover all bar costs and labour or the client will be invoiced for the difference.

Hospitality Services reserves the right to refuse licensing your catered event due to function specifications.

Guaranteed Numbers

During the planning stages, the Catering Specialist requires an estimate of the number of guests expected to attend your event. A final guarantee of the number of people attending is required five (5) working days prior to your event. You will be invoiced for the actual or the guaranteed, whichever is greater.

Labour Fee

Should the scheduled start time of the function be delayed by more than 30 minutes without prior notification, a labour fee may occur and will be added to the final invoice.

Cancellation Policy

If an event is cancelled after the contract has been negotiated, you will be charged for all costs incurred prior to the time of cancellation.

Set-Up Charges

If special room set-ups are required, you may incur an additional labour charge. Small set ups that require minimum labour will be $75.00. The charge for larger more complicated set ups will be determined at the time of booking.

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